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Take the Leap! for Youth

Grounding Leaders
in Purpose and Prosperity since 2019

An Award-Winning Program that Empowers students with RESILIENCE, CLARITY & ENGAGEMENT
Now for K12+!

Parent Testimonial
(youth ages 10 & 12)

The Take the Leap! Program for Youth 

offers something truly unique.

It's not just about academics;

it's about nurturing the whole person.


I want my children to enter the world with confidence, self-awareness, and the ability to make a positive impact.


By participating in this program, my children gain clarity and confidence in their career interests, setting them on a path where they can pursue their passions with conviction.


Data Analyst and programmer, currently pursuing a Master's in Analytics focusing on Applied Machine Learning.  Passionate about data-driven decision-making, commitment to detail, organizational skills, & multicultural adaptability.


I am a teacher or
educational administrator

This African-American father was shown i

I am a

Innovation in Leadership Development: Tecmilenio and Harvest Performance Partner to Bring Clarity to Career Purpose for Senior High School Students

The 2-week activity is available to high school students in their senior years, providing them with a unique experiential learning opportunity to develop their leadership skills and gain clarity around purpose and goals for their careers and become the leaders they aspire to be.

One student shares, “I think it's a great example of what many teenagers are going through right now, we are afraid to choose the wrong option or that it is not the right one; but we have to be brave and not stay in our little circle.”


They continue, “We have to go out and know everything that is beyond our sight to grow as a person and to grow in society.”


Another student describes a breakthrough after reading the book and completing the exercise, “I found it very interesting and inspiring. I liked that it was a story because it motivated me to make a change in my life and to transcend as a person.”


“Our ultimate goal is to cultivate clarity in as many students as possible,” says Di Maulo. “We believe that by doing so, we can help to create a brighter future for the next generation of leaders.”

Now in Mexico!

Sonia Di Maulo, award-winning author and scholar, Certified Reinvention Practitioner, and Part-Time Professor at Concordia University and her team bring you Take the Leap! Make an Impact, a program specially designed with the learner in mind.

Sonia's Ken Blanchard endorsed book, The Apple in the Orchard: a story about finding the courage to emerge, and the Take the Leap! Make an Impact program received the 2017 and 2020 Award of Excellence (AOE) for Outstanding Human Performance Intervention and grounds emerging leaders in purpose and prosperity. 


She is a proud mom of two boys (now young men!), enjoys family time, watching science fiction movies, and listening to and being inspired by Queen’s music & legacy.


More about Sonia.

Book a Strategy Call with Sonia about bringing the Take the Leap! Experience into your space.


Adle Ong, educator, human system expert and Certified Reinvention Practioner, is curious about children's capacity to learn organizational development (OD) skills, which sparks her desire to design programs that teach power skills (formerly “soft skills”) to youth. 

She explores this in her published OD Review article, "Can We Develop a Dialogic Organization Development Mindset in Children?" Read the full article.


Equipping young people to go beyond the classroom, empowering them to be resilient, capable, and caring citizens of our world energizes Adle.

Designing Take the Leap for Youth has been a thrill, allowing Adle to combine her expertise in teaching and designing with her experiences as a participant and a Peer Mentor in the Take the Leap! Program at Concordia and Queen’s University.


When Adle is not teaching or creating courses, she enjoys children’s literature and is a food enthusiast. She loves getting to know people and places through food.


More about Adle.

Book a Strategy Call with Sonia:


Concordia Council

on Student Life Outstanding Contribution



President’s Excellence in Teaching Award (PETA)


Award of Excellence for Outstanding Human Performance Intervention



Scholar Award –



ISPI Award of Excellence for Outstanding Communication


Award of Excellence for Outstanding

 Instructional Product or Intervention


Award of Excellence for Outstanding

 Instructional Product or Intervention

The School of Graduate Studies and Postdoctoral Affairs at Queen’s University, decided to work with Sonia Di Maulo, Harvest Performance and the Take the Leap! Program Team because of the well-established Take the Leap! Program and the talented Team behind it. 


The team was extremely accommodating in helping us set up the program and were there every step of the way.


The Take the Leap! Program Team:

  • Set up all the backend logistics 

  • Provided templates for advertising the program

  • Were in constant contact with our students to help


In a nutshell they totally ran the program for us.


The result was fantastic. We have had two cohorts go through the program now. Some of our first cohort found it so inspiring they actually became part of the Team as mentors.


The Team, led by Sonia and her mentors, were so accommodating and positive throughout the program. You couldn’t ask for better partners.

Colette Steer

Manager Graduate Experience

Queen's University

Discover our Impact.
Who is the Leapster?
About the Program

Experience a vibrant online community of like-minded students led by a dedicated dynamic team.

Sonia Di Maulo and alumni of Take the Leap!,

are committed to guiding and supporting

the learner journey.

A series of weekly reflective, thought-provoking activities will propel learners to discover, create, embrace, and breathe life into their living legacy.

This first-of-its-kind curriculum, Take the Leap! can be integrated into any program and brings balance: mix of academics, well-being and character development.

Our goal is to engage participants to complete the program with a living legacy plan that reflects a deep vision grounded in meaning and purpose.

By the end of the program, program participants are able to use the growth framework to:

  • Acquire self-assessment skills which lead to purpose-focused decisions.

  • Enhance clarity, engagement, and resilience in navigating life choices.

  • Apply purpose-grounded choices in 70% of decisions when uncertainty occurs.

  • Connect and share with others to apply their plan over time.


I am very grateful for this program and all it has taught me. The program is excellent.

I was able to put into one statement my intention for the year and larger purpose of my why.

I think it's a great, simple, straight-forward program. I've recommended and shown some of these exercises and methods to friends and it has been fruitful for them.

I found that some things made more sense once I used them and applied them regularly in my daily practice/routine. The writing and creative aspects were most helpful/useful to me.

It was important for me to discover that goals can be planned, so do dreams and so does my legacy. The program gave me tools and a strategic way of perceiving the legacy I want to build along my life and leave even beyond it.

Building a community of like-minded people does not necessarily mean building a community of people just like you. Mixing students and professionals from different areas was an added plus. We were all there for the same reason but, we understood and interpreted things from our viewpoint. To be able to share and hear others opened up my horizons and widened my understanding.

Book a Strategy Call to learn more about how a Take the Leap! Experience can benefit you.

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