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Part 3: The risk of sharing your purpose

Updated: Sep 17, 2019

In Part 2 of Sarah's story, in her realization of being stuck for over a year, she takes time for a yearly reflection. Great idea, Sarah. She realized that on paper her situation didn't look too bad but that the future did not see very bright. She was determined to reinvent her leadership and how the team works on a daily basis. To start with reinvention she needs to know where she is now and being honest with herself, she was not really sure if people knew what she stood for and how she made decisions, or even if she could articulate her own purpose and its alignment with her team's purpose and the organizational vision. To Sarah, it meant being vulnerable. And she was skeptical that taking this risk would help her long term vision.

Sarah was scared to be vulnerable and open. If people knew about her passions, aspirations, and deep purpose, this would mean that she needed to be the same person at work AND at home.

She remembers meeting a colleague and mentor a few years ago who said she never gets personal at work and that no one knows the real her. She reserves that for family and friends. This woman spoke with pride as she explained this strategy. Sarah agreed based on past experience when she shared too much and it hurt her; she decided to try out the new strategy.

And so while she chose to be friendly, kind, respectful and professional, she was also guarded and reserved.

Today she reflects on her choices based on the high-performance team she wants to create. "Being emotionally safe also means living less of what makes me ME, every day. And it also means that I am teaching my team to be safe and to keep their real needs, aspirations, and passions at the front door."

❓ Without a personal connection, people can't really ENJOY coming to work, a place they spend the majority of their days

❓Without support, how can my team help each other through tough days, emotional challenges, mental well-being, demanding clients... AND our personal life challenges

❓If I don't know the aspirations, passions, and life goals of my team (me included), then how can we all work together to help our team meet and exceed the organizational aspirations, passions, and goals

❓Creating barriers to our human nature, can only block optimal performance

❓Being two different people (and sometimes more) in one body and mind causes long term strain, unbalanced well-being and unhappiness.

Sarah realizes that she is not creating a safe, healthy space for the individuals on her team to be themselves. This strategy goes against her goal of creating a high-performance team!

She is not being her real self or modelling the behaviours she wants to see in others and this is causing mental and physical health issues all around her.

Something's got to change...


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