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Finale: The risk of sharing your purpose

In Part 3 of Sarah's story, she realized that trying to be different people in different settings was causing an imbalance and deep emotional, mental, and physical strain. While sharing her purpose meant being vulnerable and this felt risky and awkward, not doing it felt much worse.

She decided to Take the Leap! Make an Impact in her quest for Reinvention. What a Breakthrough!

She registered for professional development ON HER OWN before bringing in her team.

Through this program she:

💡Crafted her guiding principles

💡Explored her purpose

💡Worked through her IKIGAI (Japanese word used to indicate the source of value in one's life or the things that make one's life worthwhile. The word translated to English roughly means "thing that you live for" or "the reason for which you wake up in the morning.)

💡 Wrote and shared her living legacy in a safe learning environment

💡 Acquired reinvention skills to help her:

🔜 Face any change, crisis or disruption with confidence and impact

🔜 Instantly stand out from the crowd with up-to-minute research and practical tools

🔜 Grow her personal power and influence as she learns to ride the waves of change, rather than get crushed by them

She did this surrounded by others striving for the same.

With her feet grounded in who she is, what she wants, what the world needs and an holistic 1-year living legacy goal, she started to plan a visionary future of self and team growth, alignment, and confident performance.

Here's what she did and some realizations (there are 12):

1. She told her team what she was up to. That she was going through an upgrade and would be trying new things, asking them for help/feedback... honest feedback. And that she may be doing things that felt strange coming from her - she set expectations for change and she started walking the talk.

2. When she started asking them about their guiding principles, aspirations, goals, and passions, she realized that they were truly an incredible team of human beings beyond people who accomplished tasks.

3. Results? Some of her team members were scared, some were interested in this new and improved Sarah, and some LOVED every minute. They had new found respect for her and even other peers and teams started taking notice. Authentic relationships were being formed.

4. She was able to map out purpose and living legacies for each of her team members aligned to projects, tasks, collaborations AND innovations, reinventions of process, product, and relationships with clients and within the organization.

5. It all made so much sense to her now.

6. She had started by sharing with her notebook (during her learning journey), then her family/close friends/community groups, then her work team, and finally with her peers and supervisor in one-on-ones.

7. She watched their body language and responses.

8. Results? Again some were scared, some were interested in this new and improved Sarah, and some LOVED every minute.

9. She realized that she could not control how others would digest this new Sarah... her control was in how she was getting her message across, respectfully and professionally, yet with full passion and compassion, authentically and vulnerably.

10. She was courageous in how she asked for feedback and really listened to what others had to say. She learned from every step she took: the good, the bad and the ugly.

11. When she went to bed every night, she felt satisfied that her thoughts, words and actions were aligned to her living legacy, her vision for an extraordinary life. She mostly felt balanced... at peace... grounded in purpose during this change.

12. She realized that reinvention is not an overnight fix but a long term strategy to embrace.

To learn more about the professional development program that helped Sarah overcome the risk of sharing her purpose, have a look at this very exciting Fall Program and Packages.

Registration for the Harvest Performance Fall Program opens September 17th and closes September 26 at 10pm.

* Sarah is a fictional composite character created from my experiences with colleagues, clients, students, family, friends, and my own personal journey of growth. I have been very curious about the fear we have about sharing our passions, about the things that bring meaning to our lives. I continue to research and explore human emotion and the fears that hold us back!

* I look forward to discussing the Fall program with you and welcoming you to one of the programs. If this program is not right for you, I look forward to staying connected through my mailing list where I share value-based insights to help you Take the Leap!

For a look at my own Guiding Principles, read this story: What I needed to find my voice.


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I’m the founder of Harvest Performance, a leadership development agency that turns emerging leaders (of all ages) into purpose-driven, ground-breakers who leave a positive impact on the world.

I work with global aviation professionals, executives, emerging entrepreneurs, graduate students, and learning leaders.

Through my foundational degrees in Communication and Educational Technology (with distinction) I discovered a gift of connecting with people to help them create a strong connection with others.

I am also an award-winning author of the Ken Blanchard endorsed book, The Apple in the Orchard: a story about finding the courage to emerge, which birthed the Take the Leap! Make an Impact program for those looking for growth and meaning in their every day.

Let’s talk about how I can assist you and your team in building stronger, more powerful connections, and to get an eVersion of my book, drop me a line at

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