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Discovering a sense of Connection

​Bienvenidos, Bienvenidas!

Este es una serie que celebra el lanzamiento del libro galardonado de Sonia Di Maulo, La Manzana en el Huerto: una historia acerca de encontrar el coraje para surgir como un líder, en Español.

La traducción del libro también nos dá la oportunidad de crear y ofrecer, el programa premiado: “¡Take the Leap! ¡Crea Impacto! Programa para Profesionales” en Español, liderado por, Olga Saldarriaga.

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This is a series that celebrates the launch of Sonia Di Maulo's award-winning book, The Apple in the Orchard: a story about finding the courage to emerge, in Spanish.

This book translation also creates an opportunity to offer the award-winning Take the Leap! Make an Impact Program for Professionals in Spanish, led by Olga Saldarriaga.

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By Constantina Kalimeris

On a hot summer afternoon while we were visiting my husband's parents in a remote village northwest of Kalamata, Greece and sitting in the living room of their country home, my daughter was practicing her Spanish and I was surfing the internet learning about our next destination after Greece. We would soon be traveling to Barcelona with my husband, my daughter and son for a week before returning to Montreal.

As I paused to check my emails, I noticed that I received an email from a friend referring me to a lady named Sonia who was looking for an illustrator with a love of nature. In that moment, I was intrigued by the nature element to the project and I was compelled to say yes to this new connection with an open mind and heart without knowing if I was ready or capable of assuming the task. At the time I was interested in illustrating children's books but I had also started creating some personal botanical art for my portfolio. Looking back now I'm so glad I did say yes because I was indeed ready!

As the creation of The Apple in the Orchard began to unfold and take shape with Sonia's words and my illustrations, I appreciated Sonia's trust in me as I understood her vision for the book so naturally, which gave me such a sense of a confidence and clarity that I never felt before on any other work I had done. More importantly, Brave Apple's journey inspired my own journey of finding courage to illustrate a complete story book for the first time and to discover new ways of self-expression that I had never attempted before. In the process, I learned many fascinating concepts about human perception and the natural world from Sonia's research, her program and our creative collaboration. I had finally found a sense of connection and purpose - my love of plant life and its importance to humanity, on a whole new level. I will always be grateful to Sonia for offering this project to me.

Now after ten years since our journey began with this beautiful story, it has been an honor to collaborate with Sonia again, to adapt the design of The Apple in the Orchard into a Spanish edition. My contribution was minimal compared to the challenging process of translating the text so authentically by Johanna and to the time that many others contributed to help Sonia make this edition a reality. It is rewarding to know that Sonia's story, translated into Spanish together with my humble illustrations will inspire such a large and new population of all ages to emerge as leaders as they discover their own unique sense of purpose and connection in the world as I and so many other people have until now. And as I reflect on the day it all started, somehow, it seems that Spanish was part of this journey from the very beginning.

Constantina Kalimeris

Artist - Illustrator

Montreal, Canada


Constantina and Sonia - Take the Leap! Program Launch, March 2019
Constantina and Sonia - Take the Leap! Program Launch, March 2019


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Sonia grounds emerging leaders and businesses in purpose and prosperity through her award-winning book and programs. She is Chief Reinvention Officer of Harvest Performance and co-founder of Reinvention Canada.

In addition to her 22+ years of experience as a Performance Improvement Consultant, she uses her Certified Reinvention Practitioner badge-of-honour to help even more emerging leaders ground themselves in today while planning a prosperous tomorrow.

She focuses her thoughts, words and actions to activate her living legacy: inspire 100,000 emerging leaders to discover, create, embrace, and breathe life into their living legacies by 2025.

Sonia is an award-winning author of the Ken Blanchard endorsed book, The Apple in the Orchard: a story about finding the courage to emerge, and the Take the Leap! Make an Impact Program which received the 2020 Award of Excellence (AOE) for Outstanding Human Performance Intervention.

She is a proud mom of two teenage sons, enjoys family time, watching science fiction movies, and listening to and being inspired by Queen’s music and legacy.

Read more about her at

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