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Listen to the Whispers.

Updated: Apr 30, 2019

I had been hearing the whispers for a year.

They were getting louder and louder.

Every time I had a thought, I would write it down.

After one year, I had a lot of notes but no story.

I knew I wanted to write an illustrated story of courage but did not know what it would be. I wanted to write a story people would want to read and this caused the one year delay.

Once I started focusing on what I wanted to say, the process went quickly.

On an 8-hour flight home from Rome to Montreal, after leading a 5-day inspirational Train-the-Trainer program in December 2010, I wrote the first draft my book, The Apple in the Orchard: a story about finding the courage to emerge as a leader. 8 hours. Done.

The next two years I focused on learning about the self-publishing world.

I had worked in publishing for almost 4 years so I felt that I would be ok.

But no, that didn't happen.

And the continued whispers led to a guide.

My confidante throughout the entire process, Constantina Kalimeris.

She illustrated and laid out the entire book, cover to cover.

And she did much, much, much more than illustration and desktop publishing.

She helped birth the book.

The story.

The future of my life.

Today Constantina is working on a 100-leaf hand-drawn project.

"This idea somehow came to me at a very good time." She explains on her website.

I call these whispers.

Once she started focusing on what she wanted to say, the process went quickly.

In her curiosity and appreciation of art and nature, she marries her passions and talents to produce a series of illustrations that will take the world by storm.

I wanted to pursue a botanical art project that had structure and inspiration and that would help me learn more about drawing plants on a deeper level.

Leaves are so beautiful and simple, yet so powerful.

Their simplicity and strength goes unnoticed.

So like the leaf, Constantina is ready to share the beauty of 100 leaves and help the world see them, know them, love them.

The story of each leaf will take your breath away.

Today I purchased three of her prints on her Filario Etsy shop.

I cannot wait to show you the final framed product and share the story of the Tinospora Heart Leaf, as seen through Constantina's eyes.

After working with her for 8 years, I guarantee it will be magical and legendary.

Check out her shop, buy her prints, tell your friends:

And, connect with her here, encourage her bravery, be a part of her journey, and enjoy her talent.

What about you?

What are your whispers telling you?

If I didn't listen, I wouldn't be here, living my legacy.

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Sonia Di Maulo, M.A., C.R.P., founder of Harvest Performance, applies 20 years of experience to cultivate trust, inspire connection, and harvest results.

As a Global Leadership Innovator, she uses positive communication and positive education principles from her award-winning Ken Blanchard endorsed book, The Apple in the Orchard to impact people, places and communities.

She is a proud mom of two teenage sons, and enjoys travel and dark chocolate.

Connect with her,

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