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Use Gratitude to Take the Leap!

Yesterday I walked 16,122 steps.

Most of those steps were to raise funds for student success at Concordia Shuffle 30 - the Concordia University community raised over $130,000, which beats their record by over $15,000. I was grateful for my Concordia University Alumni Association team (CUAA board) who helped me to the finish line.

Last night, as I was watching Netflix with my hubby, my body was numb and stiff, and soar. Another message that I must increase my step count daily.

And then it happened.

My son texts me to ask for a pickup - he had been to the 2019 climate march in Montreal and then out with friends.

I was exhausted mentally and physically.

I thought, "No... I can't do this. I am soooo tired and exhausted."

And then I thought...

I am #grateful for my son.

I am #grateful that he is asking me to go get him.

I am #grateful that he is surrounded by good friends.

I am #grateful for drive time to talk to him about his day.

I am #grateful for his 17 years and more to come.

I am #grateful that I have a car to go get him.

I am #grateful that I am healthy and can drive a car.

I am #grateful that I walked 16, 122 steps to support causes that I believe in with people that care too.

I am #grateful for my legs.

I am #grateful for my aching body and for its hints to increase my #health and #wellbeing.

I am #grateful for my work and life's mission.

I am #grateful for global connection.

So I got in the car, and went to pick him up.

I enjoyed the car ride, the wait for him listening to my Queen album, the drive home talking about his memorable climate march experience and then I fully enjoyed climbing into bed and giving this body well deserved sleep.

I am #grateful for YOU.


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I’m the founder of Harvest Performance, a leadership development agency that turns emerging leaders (of all ages) into purpose-driven, ground-breakers who leave a positive impact on the world.

I work with global aviation professionals, executives, emerging entrepreneurs, graduate students, and learning leaders.

Through my foundational degrees in Communication and Educational Technology (with distinction) I discovered a gift of connecting with people to help them create a strong connection with others.

I am also an award-winning author of the Ken Blanchard endorsed book, The Apple in the Orchard: a story about finding the courage to emerge, which birthed the Take the Leap! Make an Impact program for those looking for growth and meaning in their every day.

Let’s talk about how I can assist you and your team in building stronger, more powerful connections, and to get an eVersion of my book, drop me a line at

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Hi Sonia,

your words are very inspiring

and encouraging.

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