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Workshop Guests

NEW! I am thrilled to introduce two workshop guests on April 29. 

Join us for Increase Your Influence & Trust Through Positive Communication.

Linda Leclerc

Pioneer of the movement in Canada, Linda Leclerc has been practicing Laughter Yoga since early 2003. She was one of the 4 first Master Trainers in the world. Linda is regularly invited by the media as an expert to talk about the benefits of laughter. She works with companies and organizations throughout North America. 


Founder of the Canadian School of Laughter Yoga and also of the HAHA Sisterhood, a community of women laughing intentionally,


Linda is a keynote speaker and she inspired many with her presentations over the years. She is the co-author of the French book "Le Yoga du Rire", creator of the audio collection "Destination Rire" and of the first Laughter Yoga App “RIRE+ / LET’S LAUGH”.


Recipient of the prestigious “Laughter Ambassador Award’ in 2006 and again in 2009 for the quality of her work and her dedication, Linda has been teaching this powerful way to manage stress and have more fun.

Find out more about Linda at

andrada muntean

Stuck between what you think you *should* do and what you *really* want to do?


Andrada helps people trust their HEART and wake up every day feeling ALIVE with love, meaning and clarity.


Using her background in psychology and human performance, and her intuitive gifts, she merges the practicality of science with the wisdom of spirituality to inspire others to create an abundant, thrilling, and deeply-satisfying life.


Find out more about Andrada at

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