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Award-Winning Program that Grounds Emerging Leaders in Purpose and Prosperity since 2019

Applications for the February 2022 Program are now open!


60-min a week

This is a 13 week-program.

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Sonia Di Maulo, award-winning author and scholar, Certified Reinvention Practitioner, and Part-Time Professor at Concordia University and her team bring you Take the Leap! Make an Impact, a program specially designed with the student in mind. More about Sonia.

This experiential program combines story-telling, a systems-thinking community-based approach, positive education and inclusive online learning techniques.

You will experience a vibrant online community of like-minded students led by a dedicated dynamic team. Sonia Di Maulo, Elizabeth Graham and Cindy Balan, along with alumni of Take the Leap!, are committed to guiding and supporting your journey. A series of reflective, thought-provoking activities will propel you to discover, create, embrace, and breathe life into your living legacy. The time commitment is only 60 minutes per week.

This first-of-its-kind curriculum supplements any program of study for students at every level. Take the Leap! brings balance: mix of academics, well-being and character development.

Our goal is to engage students to complete the program with a living legacy plan that reflects a deep vision grounded in meaning and purpose. 


By the end of the program, students will be able to use the growth framework to:

  • Acquire self-assessment skills which lead to purpose-focused decisions

  • Enhance clarity, engagement, and resilience in navigating life choices

  • Apply purpose-grounded choices in 80% of decisions when uncertainty occurs. 



The application period for Winter 2022 is now OPEN. Apply below!

Deadline to submit has been extended: February 4, 2022.

If you are reading this you can still submit... but we will close the application very soon.

The program accepts 100 students and recent alumni.

All students and recent alumni of Concordia University are welcome to apply.

We are excited to read your application for selection.

This program is for you if: 

  • You are looking to increase your clarity, engagement, and resilience at school and in life.

  • You can commit to fully participating in the program which launches on Feb 12th and runs until May 7th.

  • Opportunities to learn and group with other students across other faculties and programs is something you seek.

  • You want to stretch and grow your capacity to serve our world in new ways.

  • You are excited to learn more about yourself, your purpose and how to use it in positive ways that will impact our world.

We provide you with guides along your path and you are encouraged to keep going even when it gets tough. If this sounds like a challenging and worthwhile experience... apply today.

Want to be a part of Take the Leap! ?

Submit the form below to apply for the Winter 2022 program.


Visit Frequently Asked Questions for more information.


Without funding & support this program would not be possible.

A deep gratitude to the Winter 2022 TTL! program funders


Concordia University Dean of Students                  Concordia University Alumni Association                       


A deep gratitude to the Winter 2022 TTL! program partners and supporters



District 3                Concordia Alumni Connect #CUConnect             Harvest Performance Inc.


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What's the cost?

What's the cost?

There are no course fees to pay. Your investment is for the course text and workbook, priced at $40 CAD.

Is there a pass/fail grade?

Is there a pass/fail grade?

This course will not appear on your transcript. It will be added to your official Co-Curricular Record (CCR).

How many weeks is it?

How many weeks is it?

The program experience is 12 weeks plus launch week. You have 6 activities to complete within the 12 weeks.

How many hours is it?

How many hours is it?

Consider 60 minutes a week to complete the activities. This timing is approximate - you can invest as much or as little time as you want.

Why is this being offered?

Why is this being offered?

This program is part of a research project to explore if the Growth Framework can help increase students clarity, engagement, resilience and confidence.

What is a Living Legacy?

What is a Living Legacy?

This program will help you learn about your 4Ps (Powers, Principles, Passions, and Purpose) which will develop into a plan to leave your personal living legacy.

How will we meet?

How will we meet?

Your learning will be online, offline, in groups and self-directed. We will be using Moodle to deliver the activities and Zoom for the live sessions.

Will I get support?

Will I get support?

You will have an opportunity to meet in small and large groups throughout the program with TTL! Program guides.

How will this help me?

How will this help me?

The purpose of this program is to ground you in purpose and prosperity for today and in the future.

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The program runs for 12 weeks plus Launch week.


​Launch week gets you ready for the program and then you will have activities to complete every two weeks.

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(odd weeks)

Week 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 11

  • Check in activity

  • Read/watch video

  • Do activity (this program is action-based)

  • Meet with your support group and Peer Mentor

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(even weeks)

Week 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12

  • Continue activity (this program is action-based)

  • Journal

  • Engage with your support group and Peer Mentor

  • Join a Live Zoom event

  • Check out activity

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Criteria for Selection

  • Diverse areas of study

  • Mix of undergraduate and graduate student

  • Commitment to participating in the full program

  • Desire to be purpose-driven

  • Desire to positively impact our world

  • Desire to discover, create, embrace, and breathe life into your unique living legacy

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