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Delivering an  Award-Winning Program that Grounds Emerging Leaders in Purpose and Prosperity since 2019

Take the Leap! Program is ready for a Fall 2021 pilot at Queen's.

Students GAIN CLARITY, RESILIENCE & ENGAGEMENT in 60-min a week for 12 weeks.


Spring 2020

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Let's help students DISCOVER their UNIQUe LIVINg LEGACy

About the Program

Sonia Di Maulo, award-winning author and scholar, Certified Reinvention Practitioner, and Part-Time Professor at Concordia University in Montreal and her team bring you Take the Leap! Make an Impact, a program specially designed with the student in mind. More about Sonia.

This program is currently in its second multiple-funded cohort at Concordia University as part of a research project to explore an increase of clarity, well-being and resilience using the Growth Framework. The program was also accepted into the District 3 business accelerator program as a social enterprise. In 2020 the program was received the Award of Excellence (AOE) for Outstanding Human Performance Intervention from the International Society for Performance Improvement.

This experiential program combines story-telling, a systems-thinking community-based approach, positive education and inclusive online learning techniques.

Your students will experience a vibrant online community of like-minded individuals led by a dedicated dynamic team. Sonia Di Maulo along with alumni of Take the Leap! are committed to guiding and supporting students across departments and faculties who want to ground themselves in purpose and prosperity as they pursue their studies and beyond. A series of reflective, thought-provoking activities will propel them to discover, create, embrace, and breathe life into their living legacies. An important first step to completing their studies and graduating deeply rooted in their personal cause that will impact their communities and the world.

This first-of-its-kind curriculum supplements any program of study for students at every level. Take the Leap! brings balance: mix of academics, well-being and character development.

Our goal is to engage students to complete the program with a living legacy plan that reflects a deep vision grounded in meaning and purpose. 


By the end of the program, students will be able to use the growth framework to:

  • Acquire self-assessment skills which lead to purpose-focused decisions

  • Enhance clarity, engagement, and resilience in navigating life choices

  • Apply purpose-grounded choices in 95% of decisions when uncertainty occurs. 


The program is based on a Growth Framework. Download the white paper behind the Model of Growth which is based on Sonia Di Maulo's book, endorsed by Ken Blanchard: The Apple in the Orchard, a story about finding the courage to emerge as a leader.

Once the program launches, accepted students are invited to acquire the Take the Leap! Starter Kit, which includes The Apple in the Orchard and the Workbook for the program. They can purchase the Starter Kit here for $40 taxes included. View a sample student application page.

Access more information on why this program was developed and a Questions Answered Section for Post-Secondary Institutions.

Program Experience
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The Take the Leap! Program has been designed to engage and create community as emerging leaders ground themselves in their why. The elements of the experience are carefully selected to create an open, inclusive and welcoming experience. This approach permeates through all the learning techniques, activities, and technologies.

THE CORE of the program is available through your central Learning Management System, a familiar place for students. Within this core, as we have implemented on Moodle, we add new elements:

  • Visual elements and graphics 

  • Video walkthrough of the Course CORE

  • Weekly podcast explanation of the weekly activities, with examples and explanations

  • Consistent weekly tasks to complete with links to journal, PODs (small group communities), Activities, Videos

  • Links to live Zoom events (eMentoring for PODS and large group events)

  • Access to POD Ambassadors, alumni of the program who guide POD discussions, answer questions and maintain engagement

  • Friendly weekly check-in to students who have not logged in within the past 2 weeks, to offer support and encouragement 

At the start of the program, participants are invited to join a private dedicated Facebook group, Take the Leap! Community (TLC), where we continue to support participant growth and learning in a casual friendly peer-mentoring environment. The group includes Take the Leap! alumni and the engagement is very high, with daily posts and support. This group is meant to support the ongoing development of students and continue to create community and peer connection during and after the program.


The program runs for 12 weeks.


Students will have activities to complete every two weeks.

See FLOW for more...


(odd weeks)

Week 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 11

  • Check in activity

  • Read/watch video

  • Do activity (this program is action-based)

  • Start Journal

  • Attend eMentoring Live Zoom event

  • Share insights with support group


(even weeks)

Week 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12

  • Continue Journal

  • Engage with your support group with the help of your Pod Ambassador

  • Join a Live Zoom event

  • Check out activity


  • Diverse areas of study

  • Mix of diverse students

  • Desire to be purpose-driven

  • Desire to positively impact our world

  • Desire to discover, create, embrace, and breathe life into your unique living legacy

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What Graduates Say


I am very grateful for this program and all it has taught me. The program is excellent.

I was able to put into one statement my intention for the year and larger purpose of my why.

I think it's a great, simple, straight-forward program. I've recommended and shown some of these exercises and methods to friends and it has been fruitful for them.

I found that some things made more sense once I used them and applied them regularly in my daily practice/routine. The writing and creative aspects were most helpful/useful to me.

It was important for me to discover that goals can be planned, so do dreams and so does my legacy. The program gave me tools and a strategic way of perceiving the legacy I want to build along my life and leave even beyond it.

Building a community of like-minded people does not necessarily mean building a community of people just like you. Mixing students and professionals from different areas was an added plus. We were all there for the same reason but, we understood and interpreted things from our viewpoint. To be able to share and hear others opened up my horizons and widened my understanding.

Integration Investment

Pilot Investment



Bring the program to Queen's

Review technology criteria.

Current Take the Leap! program is integrated onto Queen's platform by Harvest Performance.

Selection of Staff and Faculty that will participate in the Fall 2021 pilot.

Prepare for student application process.

Establish research framework, data collection instruments and research communication.

Pilot Investment


INTEGRATE investment



Student Questions, Answered
Will I get credit?

Will I get credit?

This course is a foundational learning opportunity. It can be offered as for-credit or not-for-credit.

What's the cost?

What's the cost?

Note to Queen's: Ideal the course would be offered for credit. Otherwise you can price this program as you wish. Additional investment for students includes the Take the Leap! Starter Kit, course text and workbook, priced at $40 CAD, taxes included.

How many weeks is it?

How many weeks is it?

The program experience is 12 weeks. You have 6 activities to complete within the 12 weeks.

How many hours is it?

How many hours is it?

Consider 60 minutes a week to complete the activities. This timing is approximate - you can invest as much or as little time as you want.

Why is this being offered?

Why is this being offered?

We see value in helping emerging leaders increase students clarity, engagement, resilience and confidence.

What is a Living Legacy?

What is a Living Legacy?

This program will help you learn about your 4Ps (Powers, Principles, Passions, and Purpose) which will develop into a plan to leave your personal living legacy.

How will we meet?

How will we meet?

Your learning will be online, offline, in groups and self-directed. We will be using Moodle to deliver the activities and Zoom for the live sessions.

Will I get support?

Will I get support?

You will have an opportunity to meet in small and large groups throughout the program with program leaders.

How will this help me?

How will this help me?

The purpose of this program is to ground you in purpose and prosperity for today and in the future.

Proposed Terms and Conditions



In preparing this proposal, Harvest Performance has assumed the following:


  • A confidentiality agreement will be signed to protect the mutual interest of Queen's University and Harvest Performance.

  • Take the Leap! Make an Impact Program, the Model of Growth and The Apple in the Orchard book are protected by copyright. We encourage all participants to share the ideas with at least 5 people during the length of the program to create a community grounded in purpose. The intention is to grow Canadian emerging leaders grounded in purpose and prosperity, starting with students at Queen's.

  • Harvest Performance team members will have access to the selected Learning Management System to fully lead the session.

  • Harvest Performance team members will use the Queen's Zoom licence to deliver the live Zoom Events, so that the integration is seamless to students.

  • The fees quoted in this proposal do not include HST applicable taxes.




Once this proposal is signed, 70% of the total investment plus taxes is payable and work will commence immediately. 30% plus taxes will be invoiced when the Pilot Program has been delivered. Payment is requested within 30 days. Timeline is locked in once this proposal is signed and approved.


Harvest Performance is committed to delivering the terms of this agreement as stated and in collaboration with Queen's University. Queen's agrees to pay the total investment of this proposal to Harvest Performance, in consideration of the completion of this project. The Parties have mutually agreed to draft the Agreement in the English language. Les Parties sont en accord que ce contrat soit rédigé en langue anglaise.

Approval and Acceptace

The Take the Leap! Proposal has been Accepted

An error occurred. Try again.

Sonia Di Maulo and the entire Harvest Performance team looks forward to serving Queen's students, staff & faculty and to customizing this proposal with intention to best capture and align to your needs.

Yours in growth,

Sonia Di Maulo

Founder & Chief Reinvention Officer, Harvest Performance

Co-Founder, Reinvention Canada

Author, The Apple in the Orchard


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