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Congratulations on your acceptance
to the SPRING 2021 Take the Leap! program

The purpose of this short acceptance form is to clearly explain the expectations including what you get, what you need to give and the expected results!

Once you submit your answers we will register you to the Moodle course and send the calendar invitations for the Live Zoom calls.

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  • Our goal is to engage students to complete the program with a living legacy plan that reflects a deep vision grounded in meaning and purpose.

  • By the end of the program, students will be able to use the growth framework to: 

    • Acquire self-assessment skills which lead to purpose-focused decisions 

    • Enhance clarity, engagement, and resilience in navigating life choices 

    • Apply purpose-grounded choices in 95% of decisions when uncertainty occurs.   ​


  • The course is designed to:

    1. Help you engage in deep reflection through thought-provoking questions.

    2. Share those reflections with others in a safe space (you will each be part of a group) both online and on Zoom.

    3. Encourage action today and in the future.

  • There are no courses fees to pay and the program will not appear on your transcript.



  • I commit to working independently and collaboratively within my small group PODS of 11 participants with full respect, care, and in support of growing together, in creation of community.

  • I can complete the program on my own pace week by week and this will take a minimum of 60 minutes every week for 12 weeks.​

  • There may be questions or activities that feel uncomfortable. This is by design. When I feel like this, it's my clue that I am on the right track. I will take the time I need to reflect (think out loud) and then do the activities (actions, journals, sharing with your PODs) when the time is right for me. There is no need to feel guilty for falling behind.



  • I have access to eMentors to support me and will fully embrace their wisdom, help, and listening ear.

  • During even weeks, I will attend Zoom events with all Take the Leap! Participants to review, discuss, share and plan.

  • During odd weeks, I will attend eMentoring small group sessions (in my POD). I will be able to choose the available slots on Moodle. 

  • My group will be assigned a POD Ambassador - their role is to help me get to know one another so that I can make the most of the experience. The POD Ambassador will support the online discussions in my POD.



  • I will purchase the Take the Leap! Starter Kit which includes a workbook of activities and the textbook required for the program at a total cost of $40 (taxes included).


  • The electronic materials will provide me with access to the activities and questions that I can reflect on and answer away from a computer, if I wish.

  • Audio files will also be provided to me through Moodle so I can walk and listen, if I choose. We hope you can enjoy the program both in front of a computer and sitting outside in the sun with or without internet connection.


  • I can agree or disagree to having my photo and name published as a participant of the Spring 2021 Take the Leap! program (see choice below).


  • This program is being funded by Concordia University as part of a research project to increase clarity, engagement and resilience using the growth framework. My program work will be reviewed with the purpose of providing me with full support to complete the program objectives successfully, with full respect and care and with intention to protect my anonymity. No names will be associated with work completed as part of this program.

For the 7 Full Group Zoom Discussions (weeks of April 19, May 3-17-31, June 14-28, July 12), I am available... (choose all that fit your schedule)

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