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Group Support


Take the Leap!

Group Support 

(12 month commitment)

If you are ready to get serious and focused with other like-minded participants from the Take The Leap! program, then this group support program is for you.


Together with 6-8 other participants, you will be supported, encouraged, and challenged to reflect and apply small actionable steps to live your legacy, as you designed it, and with our support! The group support program is meant to help you assess, reflect, and support each other in a consistent way. Living your legacy requires focus and dedication and the Living Legacy Group Support program will provide sharing of successes and challenges, examples and experiences from other participants along your journey!


This package includes:


  • Attend as many Take the Leap workshops as you would like!

  • 1.5-2 hour call every six weeks (approximately 8 calls in one year)

  • 4 face-to-face meetings (2 hours each), one per quarter

  • VIP Facebook Living Legacy Support (private to your group)

  • Every three months, we will review the format to ensure it still meets your needs so that we adapt to the group needs!

  • Your goal is our goal! Your success is our success!


What to expect:


  • Dedication by your selected Living Legacy Group Facilitator.

  • The purpose of the Living Legacy Group Accountability program is to challenge you, keep you accountable, and help you breathe life into your living legacy 

  • Our perspective: You are capable, willing, and ready to implement your living legacy today. The group discussions and accountability, will illuminate the path in a way you may not have considered but that has been present in you all along to make decisions, make mistakes, enjoy the learning journey, and take action towards a living legacy that you can be proud of!

  • Ultimately, you will be committed to execute the strategy that you will develop with our help! We will encourage you to make it happen and step into the light you were born to walk in.

  • The intention is not to offer unsolicited advice, but to help you realize the answers that are already within you. All decisions will be made by YOU!

  • The program is not meant to be counselling or psychotherapy sessions. Financial advice or industry specific questions are not part of this group support program.

Payment options: 

  • Pay for the year and save $200

  • Pay per quarter provides an easy payment plan

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