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Positive School Culture Matters: Cultivate Trust ~ Inspire Connection ~ Harvest Results

The school culture sets the pace for all interactions at the school. From the moment someone steps into your school, they can describe the environment. Join me for this 3-day intensive summer institute to cultivate a positive school environment aimed towards principals and teachers.

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Positive School Culture Matters: Cultivate Trust ~ Inspire Connection ~ Harvest Results
Positive School Culture Matters: Cultivate Trust ~ Inspire Connection ~ Harvest Results

Time & Location

Time is TBD

Location is TBD

About the Experience!

** This institute is limited to 5 schools sending three representatives to work together. **

Cultivate Trust ~ Inspire Connection ~ Harvest Results

This summer institute provides an invaluable opportunity to measure the degree of impact positive communication strategies can have to create educational environments that cultivate positive outcomes not just “in front of the students”, “or for students to use” but in offices, lunch rooms, board rooms, playgrounds, and homes among teachers, principals, parents, staff, school board administrators, and students, i.e. the whole-school community.

This workshop explores the degree of impact positive culture can have on personal well-being and the positive performance of all those who interact within the system. When it comes to well-being and positive experiences in schools: “although there has been considerable research and practice in the ways in which schools can increase well-being, virtue and positive experiences in students, less has been done with staff” (Waters, White, Wang, & Murray, [Leading Whole-School Change], 2015).

Harvest Performance proposes programs that consider the entire living system: the people, spaces, interconnections, wellbeing, knowledge, skills, emotions, capacities, character strengths and competencies.

The programs help to create connection, authenticity, and trust.

This creates the conditions for people to feel comfortable to be who they are, and to recognize and celebrate achievements as a community, where transparency and respect is breathable like air.

This summer institute ensures that the program investment has impact and provides value to those it serves over time.

The interventions are approached using a positive mindset, through Appreciative Inquiry (AI) and a purpose-driven framework.

As part of the process, we will focus on identifying what is working well, analyzing why it is working well and then doing more of it. The basic tenet of AI is that an organization will grow in whichever direction that people in the organization focus their attention. And if we focus on positive aspects, then those positive aspects will grow.

Harvest Performance programs are interactive and allow participants to self-assess and grow individually and as a group, to determine goals, and the steps to help them achieve their established goals.

Using living systems principles and assessment tools, participants will be able to apply these tools towards greater self-awareness (of themselves, their emotions, people around them and the environment) to impact positive outcomes throughout the entire system.

Who is this workshop for?

--> School administrators (principles, vice-principles, teachers)

--> Recommend that schools nominate at least three representatives per school to experience the summer institute and that will lead the strategy in the 2019-2020 academic year

By the end of this three-day summer institute, participants will be able to:

--> Assess the current school culture and map existing relationships

--> Develop a strategy for cultivating trust and collaboration

--> Develop a strategy for sustaining long-term results

--> Experience and lead activities that help the school community achieve trust, connection, and results

Before attending the summer institute you will:

1. Be automatically entered to take the 9-day Positive Communication Challenge.

2. Take the free, scientific survey on character strengths here:

3. Prepare to leave the workshop with a strategy to cultivate a positive school environment.

After attending the summer institute you will:

1. Book a series of 8 school-specific focused conversations throughout the school year.

2. Review your plan, explore results, adjust the plan, ask questions, and plan to succeed.

3. Determine potential challenges to cultivating a positive school environment and solutions to help you overcome them.


Don't take our word for it! Here's what others had to say:

"Sonia is an excellent instructor who embodies the principles of the lessons she has developed and delivers throughout her courses. She is passionate, fun and creates a warm environment that makes learning positively contagious." - Dominique Robertson, participant

"As a business partner I found her results focused, committed to achieve, and responsive to our needs. As a participant in her class, I found her inspirational, motivating, and world class." Fiona Kirkham L&D Manager

"I have always trusted Sonia's guidance. I had no doubt that this workshop will be amazing, but this time, Sonia exceeded my expectations. Thank you, Sonia." Laila Ali, Trainer

“Sonia provided much-needed perspective on a challenging situation. She provided tools to help me identify styles that I have more difficulty communicating with, along with guidance on how to communicate more effectively. This process has also helped a group of sales representatives to more effectively communicate with each other. The end result is improved ability to focus on our business of helping healthcare professionals help their patients, rather than getting caught up in issues that arise due to poor communication. Sonia’s abilities to quickly understand what is driving poor work relationships, ask thought-provoking questions to allow for self-reflection, provide insight in a professional, respectful manner ensure that every interaction results in positive momentum. Her warm, engaging approach adds to the very positive, enlightening experience of being coached by Sonia. In addition, the coaching tools (3+1) she shared are easy to implement and very effective. I am delighted I had the opportunity to work with Sonia - I am a better employee and person as a result.” - Senior District Manager, Global Pharmaceutical Organization


About the Facilitators

Sonia Di Maulo, MA, CRP

I am a global leadership strategist specializing in leadership and team excellence and an award-winning performance improvement professional with 20 years of experience helping organizations design, develop, deliver and evaluate interventions that boost employee and management performance, cultivate positive learning and working environments, and impact positive results. I speak on topics of leadership, positive communication, feedback, influence, trust and collaboration, and the model of growth for emerging leaders.

Sonia helps leaders, organizations, and schools answer these questions:

• How can we show the value of our results-based programs?

• How can we bring people together & empower them to overcome shared barriers?

• How can we lead in a way that cultivates connection, trust, engagement and passion (yes, passion!)?

• How can we help our employees document their personal legacy to confirm alignment with organizational purpose?

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