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Cultivate Clarity, Engagement, and Resilience
For Education and Corporate Environments
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Image of Sonia Di Maulo 2017



I am a global leadership innovator specializing in leadership & team excellence.

I am also an award-winning author and performance improvement professional.


For 20 years, I have helped organizations design, develop, deliver & evaluate interventions that boost employee & management performance, enhance the customer experience, & impact organizational effectiveness.

Image of Sonia Di Maulo 2017



Delivering an Award-Winning Program that Helps Emerging Leaders Prosper

For educational & corporate environments

Being purpose-driven requires effort, skill, and focus.

Most importantly it requires a Living Legacy... one sentence that helps you (and those around you) prosper.

Here is my Living Legacy written in March 2019:
"To help 100 people discover, create, embrace, and breathe life into their living legacies."

As of today, 900+ people have been introduced to writing a living legacy.

"Find your potential and break free from the barriers you've set for yourself. By doing so, you are truly encouraged to take the leap, find your true self or at least explore ways that will lead you there. Although I only now just finished the program, I can see how life changing this has been already, & I hope to continue to follow my dreams and passions." Zeina Salameh, Grad Student

 I elevate emerging leaders into strengths-focused, purpose-driven, ground-breakers who reinvent for results & leave a positive impact on the world.

I work with purpose-driven organizations making a difference in the lives of their students, employees, clients, and the world.